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Ultimate Guide To WordPress

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Basic Introduction

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WordPress is a Content Management System also known as CMS. CMS is a term that is usually used when talking about WordPress. There is a different type of CMS available such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many others, but none of them provides the feature and the ease of use that WordPress does. Did I mention that it’s free, not just that it is open-source that means you can customize it however you like. So let’s get started with the “Ultimate Introduction to WordPress”

Some of the misconceptions that people have are that WordPress is For beginners and not for professionals. Actually WordPress is made in such a way that it is very beginner-friendly at the same time it can be used by professionals to create stunning websites.

WordPress is catered towards both Professionals as well as Beginners. It provides the simple Design for beginners to get started and at the same time, it provides advanced features for professionals to make whatever they can imagine.

Learning Curve

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The learning is not at all big. It would hardly take less than 1 month for a beginner to get to an intermediate level where he can start taking up paid jobs and will take around 2 months for them to become Professional. When a user becomes Professional his learning doesn’t stop there, it is actually a stage where he starts learning about the whole new possibility that WordPress offers.

Why you should choose WordPress over other CMS

Here is a small comparison for what they offer between 3 top Free CMS.

Number of Websites18 Millions2.5 Millions 772,000
Community SizeLargeSmallSmall
Extensions / Plugins18000+3600+7400+

WordPress has the largest free themes and paid themes available on the internet. They have the biggest community, which means if you have any problem or you need any help just search in google, the chances are that someone already had that problem. So you will find the solution to all the problems. Support is Just amazing!

Difference Between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

WordPress.com is where WordPress takes care of the hosting and domains. You can buy hosting and domains from there site. Whereas wordpress.org is where you download it and host it on your own server. Don’t worry because hosting it on your own server is pretty easy than it seems.

How to install WordPress or host it

Nowadays most of the hosting companies provide one-click options to install WordPress. You can visit your respective hosting websites for more info on that. Or you can read our comprehensive guide How to install WordPress on most of the famous hosting providers.

  • SiteGround
  • NameCheap
  • GoDaddy
  • Amazon Web service (not recommended for beginners)
  • 1and1
  • BlueHost
  • Liquidweb
  • Hostgator

What kind of websites can you create with WordPress

You can literally, literally create almost anything that you can think of. How is that possible you may be thinking? Well, WordPress has the largest extension and plugins. Lets thing if you want to make an automatic contact form, a dropshipping website or a social networking site, WordPress has got you covered. You can even run a successful online store with WooCommerce without spending any money on Shopify.

Read about our top 10 picks of useful plugins for WordPress: click here

This Ultimate Introduction to WordPress will help you get started. You have learned what is WordPress and some of the best hosting provider for it. If you don’t know what is hosting you can check out our complete Beginners guide to Web Terminology and website making.

Should you use WordPress for commercial projects?

Of course!!! If you are not using this for commercial projects then you are completely wasting your opportunity to earn more money in less time. Here is an example. If you make website completely by coding you will have to code, find mistakes fix it and blah blah. Instead, you can use WordPress and some great plugins like Elementor which will allow you do simply drag and drop icons to make a complete professional website, withing few hours. I have made a complete website within 4 hours, that includes buying hosting, setting up WordPress and designing it. Using WordPress you can double your income, by taking less time for making a website.

Do I need to code in WordPress

Simple answer no. You don’t need to code in WordPress even though it provided features that enable you to customize it further. For most of your needs, you won’t need to code. If you are a professional (I wonder why you are reading this post then) then obviously you can code, mess around change whatever you like, after all its open source. Let think for a second that you don’t want to blog, you want to learn WordPress to earn money than you can learn a little bit of PHP as most of the WordPress is written in PHP language. Obviously you won’t start directly learning PHP, you need to learn basic HTML and CSS. If you don’t know where to start from you can check out our free Complete Guide to Learning web technologies

Learn how to create your first WordPress blog

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