Shooting Locations In Mumbai

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I am a Film Maker, beginner filmmaker to be specific. One thing that I really find difficult to find locations for shooting for my short films. Well don’t know lot about Mumbai, but we have shot many short films in many different locations so I think we are the right people to share the info where you can shoot films for free. Remember we will be constantly updating this post so that you have the most up to date information, so let’s get started with all the shooting locations in Mumbai!

Goregaon – RA COLONY

Let’s start with shooting locations in Goregaon. So the first place that I would recommend is RA Colony, this is the best place if you want a forest type look or just want a lot of greenery. Also, the RA colony is a little dangerous so I would recommend you do consult with the police and then only shoot as it is a forest where wild animals Rome around freely, although they are found in very deep inside the forest so you can shoot at the starting of the forest.

RA COlony

Goregaon – Mind Space

This place is also known as lovers spot, you won’t be allowed to take your camera inside a park, other than that you are free to shoot where ever you want. There are amazing buildings, a clean road and a rich look. In Mumbai I think that this would be the best option if you want to shoot a scene where you need a corporate scene and also want to shoot a lot of greenery without moving your set and things a lot.

Mind Space

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