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Infinity (JBL) Zip 500 On-Ear Deep Bass Foldable Headphones with Mic Review

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infinity jbl headphone
Infinity (JBL) headphones

If you are here to find out whether you should buy it or not than the simple answer is just buy it. You won’t regret buying it. The best part is that you get a 1-year warranty.

A little about Infinity

So Infinity headphones are made by the same makers who make JBL speakers and products. So you can expect really good quality out of it.

Build Quality

If you look at other headphones in this price range then you this Infinity zip 500 headphones shine. This headphone is priced around 600 to 800 rupees or $10 roughly. This has a very premium feel. Its builds quality is not that great it can be easily broken. If you hold it you won’t feel that it is made of plastic, it would give premium feel but it is not made of strong materials. You need to remember that these headphones cost only $10 or 600 rupees so the build quality is expected.

Well, you don’t really need to worry about its build quality, unless you are throwing it and playing with it.

infinity jbl heaphones
Infinity (JBL) headphones

Sound Quality

The sound quality on Infinity zip 500 headphones is amazing. I am actually listening to songs on this headphone while writing this blog. The bass is really good, but the best part of these headphones is that it has crystal clear sound. Now how do I know that? When editing films I also do sound design and when I add different components of sounds I can hear each of the sounds clearly. I would highly recommend these headphones for making music and editing videos and stuff.

Are these good for Music production?

If you are on a tight budget then these headphones will full fill your all needs including video editing, sound mixing and music-making. I can say this with confidence because I used it for music production and video editing and mixing. These Infinity zip 500 has not let me down since I bought this.

I bought the wired version because I wanted to use this headphone with a Zoom H1n recorder which doesn’t have Bluetooth. I have been using it for a month for video editing, sound mixing and listening to the song. I am really impressed by its sound quality!

These headphones are best if you have a budget below 1000 rupees or $20. If you want the wired headphones than you can go with this version: or you can go with a Bluetooth one which is a little expensive than the wired one but their quality is the same and there is a little more features added like EQ and etc:


  • Deep Bass Sound
  • Advanced 32mm Wide Dynamic Drivers
  • Earcups lined with Soft Cushion Cups
  • Lightweight and Flat Foldable Design
  • Handsfree Calling with One-Button Remote
  • 1.2 m Sturdy and Durable Cable
  • Voice Assistant Integration
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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