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Complete guide on buying a laptop in India

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Here, in India, we have a lot of options for buying a laptop. We can buy laptops online and offline as well. There are different budgets for different people. So in this “complete guide on buying a laptop in India,” we will cover everything from specification to laptops based on different needs. Let me make my self clear, I only recommend laptops if you are going to carry it to places, If not I would highly recommend you to buy a Personal Computer because it would be more cost-efficient and will perform better than the laptop at that same price range.

online and offline shopping
online and offline shopping

Should we buy a laptop online or offline?


In the offline market, you can get a laptop for cheap. Online prices change s due to increasing in demand and other factor, while you cannot bargain online. Whereas in the offline market you can always bargain and get the laptop for cheap. Well if you live in a city I would highly recommend you to get it offline as most of the cities in India have some places which are dedicated to electronics stuff.

If you live in Mumbai, than Lamington road in Grant road is the best place to buy laptops. There are not 10 or 20 shops but 50+ shops dedicated to selling laptops. The best thing is that they are next to each other so you can always compare the prices among all the sellers and choose the one that best suits you.

Another advantage of buying offline is you have a physical place where you can go if there is any problem and you also get to see the laptop use it and check it before buying.


Now when should you buy online? The simple answer is during sales. Like “Big billion days” or “The Great Indian Sale” During these types of sales you get the laptops and other goods at a discounted price.

You might also want to buy online if the specific laptop that you are looking for is not available in the Offline market in that case online is best as you can find almost any laptop and you can also Import the laptop from foreign countries to India. Well, you might think that Importing laptops or any other things is not a good idea, actually, a lot of people import laptops from different countries as this cost less than the price that the laptops are being sold in India.

What should we look on a laptop when buying? / What features should it have?

Well, the answer to this question is straight forward. Just see what you will be buying it for and the specifications are given with it.

1. Buying it for college for basic works

If you are buying a laptop for college and you will be using it for basic work such a using Windows Word, Excel, Powerpoint and etc. Then you can pretty much buy a cheap laptop and that would be enough for you.

So your price range for this category should be anywhere between RS. 20,000 to RS.25,000

Specifications for this type of task:

Minimum requirement:

Intel i3 5th generation and above ( i3 6th generation recommended )

Intel Pentium would also be a great alternative


500 GB Hard disk

Basic Input-output pins

We have recommended the i3 6th generation processor because if you would ever feel like doing heavy work, it will be able to handle it. i3 5th generation is also good, it would work well as well. We have chosen 4 Gb ram instead of 8 and specifically chosen DDR4 type of ram because they are the things that you should have nowadays, It is fast and almost all laptops have this nowadays.

Here is a laptop that we recommend at this price range:

2. For office Works

This category is a little difficult to decide which laptop to buy. So if you go to the office you would probably need lot of Hard disks space, a compact and a small laptop. The laptop body should not be made of plastics as if you live in India, the trains are just too crowded for a normal laptop to survive.


intel i3 7th generation – minimum

intel i5 6th generation recommended.

4 Gb DDR4 ram would be good

1 TB hard disk

In this category, you don’t need lot of rams, but you need a powerful CPU to handle the task. Until and unless you have very heavy software like MAYA or any other VFX related software you won’t be needing more than 4 GB ram. Intel i5 6th generation would be ideal.

Here are some of the laptops that we recommend:

3. laptop for gaming

This is my favorite category, as this is where the real power of a laptop starts. The budget for this category is RS. 40,000 + .


Intel i5 or AMD RYZEN 5 or more

8 Gb DDR4, 16gb recommended

a dedicated Graphic card with at least 2gb+ VRAM

We suggest you go for a graphics card that has at least 4gb VRAM. Well, gaming on an integrated graphics card is never recommended, sometimes you will be not able to start the game. Well, nowadays you can do a little gaming on integrated graphics cards, thanks to AMD’s new lineup “ryzen” processors which has a decent integrated graphics card and to rest of the integrated graphic cards straight no.

Here are some of the Gaming laptops that we recommend

These were some of the categories, but what about another category such as Visual Effects, Videos editor and etc, well for those people I will recommend a Computers with 4 + cores and 16 GB ram. But if you still want a laptop than the Gaming laptops are the best option for you as they have all a video editor, a VFX artist or an animator need. Lots of cores, lots of rams and great performance. You can choose the above gaming laptops and they will do the job for you.


I never give a lot of importance to the brand of the laptop as almost all the brands make the same quality of laptops, they have the same features and the only thing that is different is that they have different body and design that’s it. All the hardware is used inside are AMD or INTEL’s processor, Panasonic or Samsung hard disk. So only the bodies are changed. While buying a laptop look for specifications, performance and your needs and don’t worry about the brand. This is true for laptops and not completely true for Computers as brand in building computers matters a lot.

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